Welcome to the Online Account Activation/Password Reset Site at Purchase College.
For technical assistance, please contact the CTS Helpdesk at (914) 251-6465 or email helpdesk@purchase.edu.
Students: Please note that your Purchase College login credentials will never expire. However, once you leave the College, the email mailbox will be deactivated 18 months after your last course registration.

Faculty and staff: Faculty and staff credentials expire at the close of business on their last day of service – unless extension of email privileges is requested by their supervisor when their end-of-service PAF is submitted and the extension request is approved by their
sector officer. Active employees without a PAF (Research Foundation, PCA etc.) should have a valid P-dash (today’s date is between begin date and end date of P-dash) to retain their Purchase College login and Email privilege. Faculty and Staff who were previously students will retain their login credentials as students do, but their email mailbox will still be removed on COB LDOS.
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